Makers and Takers

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Submitted by James Hall (United States), Nov 20, 2012 11:44

The assumption of people being makers and takers is roughly correct. But the making of money is only one piece of a person's contributions to the economy and society. Moral leadership, for example, is something only a small percentage of people are capable of providing (or making). When a political leader runs the most dishonest presidential campaign in history as Romney did by elevating mandacity to a virtue, that is not making something of value but destroying (or taking) a piece of everything and everybody. By lowering the quality of life in America to a level where the stench of Romney, the liar, and his lying words have polluted us all, Romney made us a much coarser people. If you look to any quality of your own life scale Romney has taken a lot more from you than he ever made for you. By a mile. Romney may be the biggest taker in America. He intentionally turned millions of Republicans into unscrupulous bald faced liars. Your own family members that you can no longer stand can no longer stand you either. And he did it all for himself. He took from you for his own benefit. If you honestly still believe Romney's makers and takers lie... you are one of his biggest victims.

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