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Submitted by Harrison O'Toole (United States), Dec 20, 2012 17:55


Because, other than public officials, sports figures, movie stars, executives of publicly-held corporations and the scandalously overpaid presidents of universities and the coaches of the teams at these universities,no one can be sure what others earn. On the same block, a $2 million earner can live side-by-side with a $250,000-a-year earner, and no one can tell the difference. What others can see is the size of a house or apartment, the make and age of a car and whether the children attend public or private schools. One can draw inferences, but these can be erroneous.

Until BHO requires that we all post our tax forms on our front doors, no one knows where the $1 million earner lives. He or she is not, by virtue of the tax code, "decoupled" from other citizens, as suggested by the analysis in the Editor's "terrible" paragraph.

The tax laws per se cannot decouple those earning above $1 million from those earning ΒΌ of that; only the conspicuous consumption of the individual earner can broadcast his or her wealth, or merely his or her over-consumption that may lead to bankruptcy.

Would that there were a better way than Boehner's Plan B, but time is of the essence and BHO is hell-bent on his ludicrous and adolescent notion that taxation of "the rich" can substitute for wise federal expenditures rather than the Robin Hood approach he favors -- all the while, of course, living at public expense like a nouveau-riche monarch.

So, on balance, if asked to choose between "great" and "terrible," I'd say this is as great as it's likely to get as long as BHO and his ilk hold the presidency and the majority of the Senate.

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