Good grief!

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Submitted by Don C. (United States), Jan 18, 2013 09:12

Listen - I was born & grew up in Bridgeport! First of all, it's not nearly as bad as everyone seems to think. There are rough neighborhoods in every large city, and Bridgeport is by far the largest city in the state. This city was the machine tool capital of the WORLD not too long ago, but times change. As GE builds factories in SE Asia, it razed its factory on Rte 1 in Bridgeport. Why? Well, I think we all know the answer. I was a Marine aboard the USS Tarawa in 1982, all the valves on the ship said "Jenkins Valves Bpt Conn " Imagine that!! There were a dozen big factories here that each employed 1,000's of men and they're ALL GONE. Bridgeport in my opinion, is a perfect example of what we as citizens have allowed to happen to our nation - ALL of us. Labor costs skyrocketed, companies move, tax laws change, etc etc. The US owned the 20h century. But that's behind us. It's too late to change what has been set in motion. Believe me, i could continue.....

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