If I weren't already a fan

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Submitted by Janet Morrissey (United States), Jul 9, 2013 22:26

of FutureOfCapitalism.com, the following two sentences, for their sheer brilliance, would have converted me:

"Mr. Kristol and Mr. Lowry, who are both pro-life in the abortion rights debate, might come around on this if they try to think about newly arriving immigrants like newborn children. They don't show up with any skills, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't let them into this world."

I happen to employ an Ecuadoran-born couple once a week for lawn-mowing (the husband) and once a in a blue moon for house-cleaning (his wife.) They came here legally, with a meager education, and their older daughter is working on her master's degree in psychology with a full fellowship at Catholic University and their younger daughter is in college, also on full scholarship.

These young women are but one generation away from living in extremely primitive conditions. Thanks to that one generation -- their parents' -- they will soon be among the most highly-educated members of American society. Both daughters have worked part-time during the academic year and full-time every summer since they were 16. They have found jobs even in this economy.

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