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Submitted by Bob Rogers (United States), Aug 9, 2013 18:06

With all due respect to the Editor of FutureOfCapitalism.com, I'm with Allison. Durbin is not only a Democrat -- whose party has presided in the Executive Branch over the unconscionable IRS treatment of conservative, Tea Party, pro-Israel and other non-profits whose beliefs are anathema to those of the leader of the free world --- but Durbin coincidentally also represents the state from whose legislature Barack Obama oozed his way up to the United States Senate, and thence to the Presidency.

With credentials like that, and the clues to which Walter Olson alludes above, if I were Mr. Allison, I would have responded every bit as robustly as he did. I don't read his letter as an over-reaction at all, but rather as the fair response of a courageous and vigilant leader defending his turf, his scholars and his think tank.

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