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Reader comment on: Goldman Sachs, John Paulson and the Fabulous Fabrice Tourre

Submitted by Skeptic (United States), Apr 16, 2010 13:10

One person caused a industry wide melt down? Hmmmm. Is that what we are supposed to swallow? Perhaps Fabrice was a major player, but what about Paulson and GS in general? It is just too much to believe that only Fabrice gets the kick in the pants now that we have seen the whole industry awash in sleeze. I guess you must start somewhere. Thanks for the good article, but you know, after seeing all the fall guy scenarios play out over the last decade or so, after a while I become very skeptical. We just move on and keep making blunders because the real culprits have been given the pass. Our attention span seems to be unable (unwilling) to handle the real details in order to fix the problems. Look at the article about the problems surrounding the use of "Made in America" to push products on todays MSN homepage. We cannot even be forthright about that simple idea anymore. There are 40 pages of legal text defining just what Made in America means, and that is not a complete description when it comes to how the marketing industry has become so misleading.

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