More than 1,000?

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Submitted by Kendra (United States), Apr 16, 2010 14:45

THe crowd stretched more than 8 blocks -- NYC blocks. Also, the place of protest was changed at the last minute. Apparently local governments are blocking access, refusing permits the day before. It worked. Yet, I would say that is a good 10,000.

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

I was there, it wasn't eight blocks, it was about 1 and a half, and each block was really only two or three traffic-lanes worth plus part of the sidewalk, since the street was open to two or three lanes of traffic alongside the rally. Here is how the New York Times (admittedly unreliable) put it: "In Manhattan, about 700 demonstrators were confined behind metal barriers just outside the main Post Office on Eighth Avenue. Carrying signs reading "I am tea'ed off" and "Redistribute my work ethic," they waved American flags while a rock band urged, "You got to be a citizen again." It appeared that the authorities had expected a larger crowd. Only about a third of a second confinement area, between West 30th and West 29th Streets, was filled, and a third was empty."

I agree the place of the protest was confusing. I had heard it was at the post office and showed up on the steps and there were a bunch of Tea Party types there wondering where the protest was. You had to hike a block or so South on Eighth Ave to find it.

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