Obama's wealth redistribution is bascially communist!

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Submitted by Tibor R. Machan (United States), Dec 15, 2013 11:44

I sent this comment to THE WEEK, the UK magazine which contained a page long discussion of Obamacare:

Dear Editor:

Your discussion "The Obamacare crisis," (12/7/2013, page 13) looks like it follows your characteristic political neutrality but, in fact, it shows your bias in favor of statism (or your obliviousness to it). If you had been truly objective and nonpartisan you would at least have noted that Mr. Obama, via Obamacare, demonstrates his extreme Leftist leaning, indeed, arguably his communism. After all, one central difference between a Western Style political order and that of a communist's is that in the West wealth redistribution is rejected, at least fundamentally, in principle, while it is openly promulgated in Leftist systems. In Western, largely liberal capitalist systems when one owns wealth--not stolen but earned or come by some other peaceful fashion--one has a right to it by way of the Lockean principle of the right to private property and those who would take it from one without permission, including Marxist communists, are deemed to be criminals. Sure, it is rarely so stark but with Obamacare it is close enough so as to illustrate the basic difference and Mr. Obama's ideological loyalties.
This is important and a report by THIS WEEK needed to make mention of it. You didn't need to take sides but only to report what is going on here. The Obama team is clearly attempting to make the USA into a Leftists, statist society. For some of us, especially those like me who grew up under communism, this is a catastrophic development. Maybe not for you (although as soon as it turns to muzzling the press, you will experience it good and hard, too--e.g., just as soon as criticizing Obamacare and similar policies will be deemed to be an act of treason, as such things were deemed to be in the USSR).


Tibor R. Machan

Tibor R. Machan holds the R. C. Hoiles Chair at Chapman University and is Senior Contributing Editor for The Daily Bell website. http://tibormachan.rationalreview.com/ & http://szatyor2693.wordpress.com/; (714) 317-2116

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