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Submitted by Otto (United States), Dec 17, 2013 15:09

First let me note that i am skeptic about America's decline whenever claimed by the Brits. I think the elephant in the room as far as secularism is concerned are Jews ( antennas up). They are by far the most secular group in America. From recent polls (antennas down)a vast majority of them are secular, more than any other group . I suspect that this has been the case for a very long time although not to the present degree. I don't see any concern of this fact by Jewish leaders. Perhaps it's because of their ethos of "being smart".As an example I recently had a conversation with a fellow Metro train rider in his 80s who noticed I was reading "Jewcentricity" by Adam Garfinkle. He said he was Jewish and asked me what i thaught of the book. I said what stood out to me was how secular Jews are and then said how i thought you need God and the bible ( his and mine) to give you guidance in life. He replied "look what those people who were religious did to the Jews, I believe the only thing that you should be guided by is your brain." I think that is what a majority of Jews think. My suggestion was for him to read " The Abolition of Man" by CS Lewis

That fact that a disproportionate number of Jews ( not undeserved) are in politics, media,, higher education and finance makes it seems that our culture is more secular than i think it really is. I am always think of Ezechiel and how he incorrectly thought all the Jews were turning towards paganism.

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