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Submitted by Bob Rogers (United States), Jan 30, 2014 20:13

I, too, have had excellent experiences with a wide range of business owners who came to this country as young or middle-aged adults and who have greatly contributed to our community. I think this is true of US-born Americans from coast-to-coast. And it's not only business people who have contributed to the greatness of America. Many in public service, such as the late Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) and the very lively former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger (now the employer of many American-born citizens at Kissinger Associates); in the arts and letters the columnist and author Mark Steyn who emigrated from as far away as Canada now adds his tax dollars to the U.S. Treasury, as does Canadian-born Charles Krauthammer, and as did the late Canadian transplant and Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow, whose work I do not think is as good as Philip Roth's but that's another issue.

To be anti-immigration is to consign all of us to the often grim and dismal places from whence our grandparents came here. Let's not close the door just because we were lucky enough to have been grandfathered in. Our communities and our nation would be the poorer for it.

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