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Submitted by TKList (United States), Mar 27, 2014 17:39

In a system of fighting for government programs and benefits, the very rich will usually win and we get Crony Capitalism (USA) and if somehow the poor win we get socialism (Venezuela). The easiest way to fix this is for government to adhere to the Constitution and to be very limited. So the only way for the rich or the poor to get many benefits is to provide something of value to the free market.

If you look to government to provide things, you are playing on a field in which the players are wasting resources fighting each other and the results will be lopsided. If government is limited and a limited field exists, then there is a smaller fight and there are much less wasted resources and the results will be more level.

Tax Code and excessive regulation.

The voter wants regulation and taxes on business and the rich, which causes business and the rich to spend money on politics to influence taxes and regulations. Blame the voter.

Excessive regulations and a convoluted Tax Code are the seeds of an oligarchy; they are the sperm and egg.

If you count on the Government to do it or over regulate it, it will be hijacked by special interest groups (Unions, Financial Industry, Oil Industry, Farmers, Multi-National Corporations, Religious Groups, Environmentalists, AARP, etc.), so it invites more corruption than solutions. People are given a false sense of security. A very good reason to keep Government to a minimum and one of the reasons the Constitution is set up to constrain it.

Blame the voter for the existence of lobbyists.

First step to a solution:

Support politicians that promise to get rid of laws and regulations that are obsolete or ineffective, instead of the ones that promise to enact more laws and regulations.

Second and third steps:

Repeal the 16th Amendment, abolish the IRS and the Tax Code, and enact the Fair Tax. Less money will go into politics because there will be no Tax Code to manipulate. There will be much less for the special interest groups to hijack.

Reduce regulations to the minimum necessary. Less money will go into politics because there will be less to manipulate. There will be less for the special interest groups to hijack.

Fourth step:

Pass and ratify an Amendment to the Constitution to require a 60% supermajority in the House to pass any new legislation and a simple majority to repeal any legislation.

Stop the Influence game. The income tax code has to go. It steals your money and it invites corruption in government when companies lobby and fund elections for favors.

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