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Submitted by Kahn (United States), Apr 17, 2014 18:06

"Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Apr 10, 2014 19:33"

"Ron Paul's anti-American attitude is well established and this simply adds to it." - that is a useless personal observation parading as fact.

The following is the type of ensuing idiocy, when one doesn't know history, geopolitics, Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, etc. and lives in a childish bubble where govt is your daddy and mommy and your worldview consists of nothing beyond whatever you learned in 2nd grade.

Even the larger geopolitical picture and your utter gullibilty in actually deluding and accepting the world as advertised, rather it actually is, if you actually read the writing by the Father of Reaganomics Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who has more knowledge and experience in the financial sector than your entire daytrading ass on your best marginal calls, he never said, not alluded to the following:

"The bizarre idea that George Bush took down the towers is just wacko."

And the follwing, is utterly hilarious, when you're a statist claiming to be something you're not:

"Mr. Bush has faults (especially for us laissez-faire, libertarian types)"

This is you simply "she doth protests too much":

"but one really has to be mentally-unbalanced to ascribe such actions to a nice, patriotic guy.

WTF are you a z-grade NSA sockpuppet? You apparently want gullible nonexistent audience on this website to delude that you're some "libertarian" who hates Ron Paul, who loves interventionism, and invoke "patriotism"??

LOL. think you meant to drivel at the Daily Kos, commie.

Nice try though.

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