Robots are already changing the world

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Submitted by Jason Ricardo (United States), May 22, 2014 16:45

It's a scary world we're living in. But, the news isn't ALL that bad. A lot of noise is being made about automated kiosks lately, but really, we've had those for a while. We have had ATMs for decades, and automated kiosks for a good 5 years, if not more. We're just seeing more proliferation.

Regarding robotics in manufacturing, we've had that for decades as well.

So, not to knock you or Michael Spence, because you're both obvious experts, but I don't think that robots will suddenly come raining down on us and all heck breaks loose. When you look around us, you will see robotics has been here for a long time, and is simply growing and expanding.

Humans need to stay agile. Only the strong survive, and only those who best adapt to changing times will thrive. It's always been like that, now it's just that we have a new "enemy" (robotics).

Anyways, I love this topic, despite the earth-changing possibilities it brings up. If you're interested in robots and especially AI and how that is already changing society and business, check out because that's all they talk about there. There are some very crazy/scary things going on right now, and people should really be informed, because these industries are changing so fast it will blow your mind.

Some people, like unskilled workers, will be on the losing end of this revolution. Others, like highly skilled, technical and even hands-on tradesmen, will have possibly BETTER job security. Think about it, there'll be so many robots in the hospitality and caregiving industry, and AI programs in customer service industries, that the people who have the hands on skills like bricklayers, HVAC technicians, and others will have a job. There are just some things that aren't cost effective to get a robot to do.

However, this could always change. It makes you wonder what the end game will be. If robots can do everything we do, what will people do? Where will we work? How would we make money?

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