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Submitted by steve (United States), May 30, 2014 16:59

I have a good friend who runs his own custom built gun store here in my home town. He specializes in the AR-15 and Colt 45, but does other items as well. He has been having trouble for years keeping a credit card company who will allow him to allow customers to buy his guns with credit cards. He's been dumped a number of times (three I'm personally aware of. He's shown me the emails) where he gets them signed up, and then a few weeks later they send him a email or call telling him they no longer will be doing business with him. It's all because he sells guns via the internet or facilitates the transfer of guns from dealers around the country to customers here at home. None of the emails he's shown me have stated anything about him violating terms of the contract or not disclosing his business. He's upfront with them to the point that even his business name has "custom guns" in his title.

So, this issue is real and it's another way for the Obama administration to circumvent the Constitutional rights of the average citizen to obtain a gun.

He follows all state and Federal gun transfer regulations. The Obama administration simply doesn't want the average person to own weapons. So, if they can't overturn the 2nd Amendment, or restrict it, then they can just keep trying to make it impossible to buy one or sell one.

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