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Submitted by jamesb bkk (Thailand), Dec 11, 2014 20:37

Many have observed that the game is rigged, with a big rigging-up in 2008-09 and since. Having bailed out the profligate by stealing from the prudent, the powers-that-be ought not be too surprised that their new and plainly coordinated messaging and narrative building of envy agitation aren't taking too much hold on those not already with them. Many may also now realize that all this heavily reported inequality is being caused by the goverments and their central bankers due to all of their (failing) manipulations of asset prices and creations of huge debts. It is also true that equality of outcomes is impossible, as Mr. Monti rightly notes. Ask Harrison Bergeron. Wanting such equality is "a revolt against Nature" once said a great thinker on such matters.

More interesting though is: What might be the NY Times motivation for publishing Mr. Monti's comment? To show their Manhattan readers how benighted the upstate folks are? It's a dangerous game, as many likely would listen to and perhaps agree with a retired social studies teacher about social matters.

When the NY Times uses the word "regulation," it means "control." It should be more honest about this.

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