Frum is not being "nasty" or "ad hominem"

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Submitted by Jeffrey S. (United States), Feb 6, 2015 17:25

Ira -- you don't come right out and say it, but you seem to imply that Frum is not engaging Bush on the substance of the immigration debate. On the contrary, it seems to me he is taking Bush very seriously and responding directly to specific statements Bush has made about immigrants and America and engaging with those statements. You disagree with Frum's analysis (to put my cards on the table -- I agree and I'm probably even more anti-immigrant than Frum). That's fine -- why not respond to his arguments? Why do we need immigrant labor -- especially when the low-skill labor coming from Central America will drive down the price of our low skill labor? You want to make life tougher for the working poor in their country? What about assimilation -- Bush talks about a "bi-cultural" American -- some of us prefer the melting pot and immigrants that assimilate to a common culture. Bobby Jindal has been good on this subject: I don't even know if Frum discusses the cost/benefit analysis associated with new immigrants -- let's talk about those communities struggling to deal with low-skill Hispanics who seem to lose their family values once they cross the border (50% + out of wedlock birth rates and climbing!) I could go on, but you get the idea.

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