Our President, how clueless?

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Submitted by herman kaufman (United States), May 13, 2015 17:46

The exchange that Mr. Stoll quoted is no surprise. I have 2 responses: a) Why does anybody take anything Obama says seriously? Each passing day, he puts his foot in his mouth, for example, at Georgetown U., he claimed that any person of welath obtained his fortune "from the lottery;" and b) Obama has absolutely no understanding of economics, as evidence of his false narrative that upping the minimum wage will help the economy. This claim is nothing more than a diversion to bury his failure to do anything about the economy; ditto, when he talks about reducing inequality, which his policies have further aggravated. Perhaps if Obama had ever had a rea job, his stated positions on the foregoing issues would not be so farcical.

Re; the private school tirade, this further establishes how fraudulent this President has become. Are there less fortunate people living at Martha's Vineyard? Are these same people members of the exclusive private golf courses on which the President spends his leisure time?

Given that the President is a petulant, stubborn individual, with nothing more than an ideology, his speeches clearly reval a desperateness of an official, whose policies, if you can call them that, have been a total failure.

The question I have is how long after he is gone will it taketo undo the damage that he has brought us.

Thank you. Mr. Stoll.

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