Cold comfort

Reader comment on: ScotusCare

Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Jun 25, 2015 18:18

The objection that it was a strategic and tactical mistake to challenge Obamacare in court is wrong on two counts:

a) this is written as if there was one single super-individual deciding what to do -- when in fact there are millions of individuals choosing how to deal with the multiple ways that Obamacare is a desecration of American political principles,

b) the proper function of the SC is to rein in any actions by the exective and legislative branch that violate the basic political-philosophical principles upon which the country was founded. And if there had been seven Thomases on the court, then the right and moral thing would have been done -- to 1) not torture the language and claim the law says what it does not, 2) to act in the interest of the American people to stop further totalitarian control of the citizenry by the Congress and President.

And the comment about Bloomberg, the consummate statist technocrat, is grotesquely funny I suppose. He was wrong on so many issues over the past three terms, it hardly seems important to pick out this one minor wrong of his as significant. Rather, it points out the importance of a freedom-oriented President to pick a SC justice that is "set in his ways", and has a well-established political philosophy of freedom, rather than Bush's choice of a wishy-washy technocrat (Roberts).

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