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Submitted by Herman Kaufman (United States), Aug 11, 2015 17:39

What is not surprising about the latest Hillary [Is it okay to refer to her as Hillary, or is this mistreatment and war on women?] fiasco is her penchant for coming out of the woodwork, like a cuckoo clock, to make a "heartwarming" bleeding heart, sanctimonious statement for which she has become famous.

While Mr. Stoll rightly points out that the media left this hanging by not obtaining reactions from the political candidates, what about Hillary's continued refusal to take questions on her "marvelous" idea to reduce college expenses. So, as usual, we are left in the dark, and Hillary becomes the "darling" for the underdog.

What remains unknown is whether Hillary, as part of her "noble" efforts for the less fortunate, will stop requiring $250,000.00 plus for her idiotic speaking engagements at colleges, and also, whether she and her husband will still require [Extort] payments when each happens to receive an award. No discussion about that.

Which leads me to wonder: Would Big Al [Tawana Brawley] Sharpton [Or is it Charlatan] help further his shakedown racket by consulting with Hillary?

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