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Submitted by doktor don (United States), Oct 30, 2015 02:11

The Argument that insists that Cutting Taxes will produce jobs and stimulate a Recovery; is old school thinking. That was, Back in the Day - - that was then - - this is now. Here's the problem with that thinking: 1. Off-shoring jobs, killing Unions; & Deregulation created Greedy Shareholders; who insisted the savings on Labor Costs be distribute to them; along with most profits. Even today; Corporate Types aren't sharing the Wealth with Workers; or, spending money on Capital Improvements and Human Resources. Heck, in several instances; they are not even paying down Principal on their Corp. Debt;even though Profits have been outstanding over the years. CEO's know that if they want those huge Bonuses; they first must tend to the proper Care & Feeding of Shareholders. 2. Prolific Thinkers, Writers, & Researchers now pretty much debunk the old theory on Tax Cuts; because, both Capitalism and our Monetary System have been Deformed (Stockman), and, greed, self-interest, and a new breed of predators, now control our Economic System. We have little or no Growth in GDP; Frankly, the Country has been shedding grow and jobs since the 1970s.

R & D today is too much work, time-consuming; and costly. It's not about work; it's about getting rich, quick. Financialization is killing this Country. Everybody wants to be an Investment Banker of Sorts. Why else would six figure Scientists quit their jobs and go to Wall Street? Work is for Chumps; really Smart Men go to Wall Street; where they can earn at least 10X their old Salary.

Point being; this is a new era; for better or worse. There is little or no Morality and Ethics in Economic Dealings today. Smart Lawyers are masters at writing, "gotcha," clauses in Contracts; the System lacks Fidelity and Trust!

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