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Submitted by Thewlyn Oh (United States), Feb 1, 2016 07:53

your statement "this is American life in 2016" is a good segue, but i'm not sure it's for the right reasons...just my 2c

if you are specifically putting together a "black" website/portal with the intent of appealing and marketing to "black" fans/athletes, why wouldn't you staff & run it with blacks? it would seem a common sense move, given the expectation that black marketers & content developers & businesspeople would know what the black community might want to's called identifying and playing to your target demographic, which doesn't bother me

however, along that line of thinking, the hypocrisy that chaps my butt would be if Skipper said "we are going to have a white run and white staffed site", the SJW's would lose their collective minds about it, calling you insensitive, racist, and the like, not to mention probably bring down the wrath of ol' Al Sharptongue upon THERE, imo, is the issue here...

although your suggestion that a white/asian person apply then claim discrimination is...tempting :)

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