So disturbed by this post

Reader comment on: Five Reasons a Sane Person Might Vote for Trump

Submitted by Susan Rifkin (United States), Aug 17, 2016 18:40

It is difficult to believe that you can post about what a "sane" person should do in the next election without balancing Mr. Trump's alleged economic positions with his statements about women, immigrants and anyone who opposes him. I had too much respect for you and for Liz Peek to think that you would both ignore his provocative and hate inspiring rhetoric or that you would think that you can rely on him to actually carry out the policies that you promote. His performance in the past clearly shows that he is capable of saying anything to win and has no compass other than his personal belief in himself.

He is capable of becoming a demogogue,a tyrant and a and the fact that you don't see that as a more scary outcome than having liberal justices on the Supreme Court in a democratic system with checks and balances or a flawed health care system that can be addressed with legislative remedies is what really scares me. And last time I looked, States have more real influence over education policy than the President.

I've always enjoyed reading your newsletter despite my more progressive leanings and have occasionally been influenced by your arguments. But this is too much for me. Good-bye.

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