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Submitted by HermanKaufman (United States), Sep 12, 2016 18:18

The authors were great as far as they went, but the so called legacy of Obama deserves to be written on toilet paper:

1. No previous President [Inc. LBJ] has been a liar like Obama; there are lies and lies that the media stooges have ignored; one of these occurred when it was disclosed that you could not keep your doctor. What was more amazing occurred when this President then lied further, stating: I was not "directly informed" of the text of Affordable care, whatever that means. Not a single stooge among the press corps asked what was meant by that. What it meant is that Obama is the most devious dishonest President in US history.

2. Obama [And the despicable Eric Holder] have inflamed race relations to the point that it feels like we are back to the post-Civil War period. Although I could spend hours on this subject, it is sufficient to point out that Obama has been a champ in pre-judging incidents, arising under the Criminal Justice system. Indeed, even after it was established after Ferguson that the officer had been faultless, Obama was heard stating, "We'll never know what happened in Ferguson." Say this for Obama: he is a champ when it comes to injecting racism into a discussion.

3. Though there are a bundle of other Obama atrocities, this last one takes the cake. Obama endorsed Clinton for President while the Comey "investigation" was still in progress. So how could Obama know the outcome inadvance of the actual publication of the decision, when he swore that he was totally detached from the inquiry. Yes, the Comey "investigation" was dead in the water before it began. Any self-respecting attorney is aware that, without a grand jury to issue subpoenas with the power to compel testimony, any investigation was a sham. And Obama and Lynch were acutely were aware of this. Thus, when Cheryl Mills didn't like the questions put to her, she threatened to walk out of the Comey interview. In short, this entire episode, thanks to Obama and Lynch, made the US into a banana republic. This kind of government would have drawn the applause of Uganda's Idi Amin.

What Obama has done to America will take more than decades to undo.

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