Nationalism v. nationalism

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Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Jan 20, 2017 18:14

The Editor's discomfit with the nationalism sometimes pushed by Trump is perfectly correct. Yet, the idea of nationalism can be an excellent one. How to resolve?

The key is to regard economic nationalism is evil and patriotic nationalism is good.

It is good to recognize that America was founded as the first free Republic under no control of aristocrats, monarchs, dictators. This was a world history game changer and Americans should always be proud of that and work like to hell to maintain that system (which was never perfect at the beginning and has been further corrupted over the centuries).

But at the same time the thing that conservatives and Trump-ites completely don't grasp is the terrible economic damage that economic nationalism does. It destroys jobs, it destroys citizens. Only truly free trade (not these tricked up "trade agreements") will expand our economy greatly.

American freedom needs to be expanded to the point of creating a truly "hands-off" economy, in which NO laws are written to warp the free market. Then we will see growth that will make all our past history seem pathetically modest.

Unfortunately Trump is completely a malicious economic nationalist, and he will do damage to our economy over the next four (or heaven-forbid) eight years -- despite the lovely sentiments in parts of his speech.

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