One of many Obama atrocities

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Submitted by Herman Kaufman (United States), Jun 18, 2017 21:17

What is amusing about this article is that it fails to get to the heart of the problem. First, Obama is the greatest serial liar ever. Second, the assertion that he spoke even with a spec of knowledge on the subject is false.

What the video did not show was that, when Obama "discovered" that you could not keep your doctor under Obamacare, he held an impromptu news conference as he was about to board a plane to Hawaii [Or was it the "Vineyard?"] But Obama, when asked how he managed to be wrong about "keep your doctor," said--and quickly--"I was never directly informed..." whatever that means. He was never directly informed. So what did he know that would make him lie to the American people? Obama, for 8 horrible years, was a mirage that often vanished in thin air.

One more thing. As with many other subjects, Obama has been exposed as knowing very littlte about nothing. Like the economy, minimum wage, foreign policy, the list can go on & on. One area not covered here was his talent for dividing the races. He did know a lot about that subject, and he was extremely proficient at it.

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