America's 'God' today !

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Submitted by Aidan J. ffrench (Ireland), Jul 4, 2017 15:50

The God of American Empire is Yahweh, the vengeful, judgement god.
The God of America is money
The God of America is unbridged political and military power
The God of America is the Ego.

With honourable exceptions (some named by Pope Francis is his inspiring speech to U.S Congress in 2015: Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Thomas Merton), sadly most American 'Christians' of the Protestant denominations particularly, are wedded to a judgemental notion of God, of having to earn 'His' grace, of punishment, of a 'Prosperity (Capitalistic Materialism) Gospel', with little true consciousness to the True Self (Merton wrote about our "False Self"), so well promoted by that great, wise, insightful and compassionate Franciscan, Fr. Richard Rohr , one of growing band of more mature faith leaders and believes in the Emerging Christianity movement in the US today. Shane Claiborne in Philadelphia is another, working with the homeless. The Irish-American Berrigan brothers also come to mind: peacemakers, rather than warmongers such as Nixon, Bush, Obama and Trump.
These and many other believe in a vulnerable, compassionate, kind and great God, who is immanent - Emmanuel, with us, in all our broken and joyful humanity. I'm not convinced tat JFK had that same God in mind; for all the Irish eulogizing and fawning admiration, Kennedy endorsed, expanded and investment in Eisenhower's Military-Industrial Complex, expanded military adventure in Vietnam and was a conservative capitalist, as wedded to market solutions, as the best neo-liberals of the 21st. Century.

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