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Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Oct 31, 2017 18:05

While "balancing" towards less regulation would be good, and adopting "common sense ways" to free up the housing market would be good, one easy way to rapidly increase housing would be to abolish the misbegotten GHW Bush law of handicapped access (the ADA). Then zoning laws should be abolished.

These two would go a long way towards opening up the housing market.

Of course, the statists and the moderates are already wailing (as a result of my statements) that this is outrageous and going too far. But the fact is, when the markets become free, there will still be houses that can be used by handicapped folks, and there still will be houses that can be located so they are not near any uses (zoning uses) that some people don't like. That's what a market does -- it supplies a plethora of solutions to satisfy every customer -- whether they want accessibility, or they want massive separation from "dirty" business.

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