The refounding of the Constitutional Republic in 2010.

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Submitted by Fernando Ruiz (United States), May 30, 2010 12:15

I want to add my solemn salute, to honor all of the Patriots on Memorial Day. Those brave souls, whom with their suffering have maintained for us, the God-Given right to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the Greatest Country on Earth,

The refounding of the Constitutional Republic in 2010 begins with our vote, and ends with the character of the citizen-statesmen we choose to represent us in the Congress of ill repute. And certainly not, from either political party.

Political parties are for Profit Corporations, which profits come, from your taxes and governmental deficits. Furthermore, campaign contributions, to particular sell-out candidates are a capital investment.

Everything else is a distraction meant to perpetuate the fraud.

Political labels were reliable at one time. However, now they are nothing more than a disappointing, short-term, propaganda slogan.

I lean firmly toward conservative principles, yet the same politicians that I expected to hold those principles, were sell-outs. In practice, legislated to grow the size of government, to increase the national debt, and grabbed and strangled, the only reliable ally, us the many, knew we had in the Bordello of Congress: The Constitution.

Without the Constitution as the core belief system, by which our political parties are built, and be the essential theory and practice of governance, in our political institutions. The solutions to our societal structures and functions will come from a higher than thou, socialist playbook.

Because, the opposition always fills the voids.

That is why and how socialism got into our lives; that is how we placed the country in a socialist hands. That is why, by asking the governing body to deal with one more need that is moral, both significant parties have turned us into governmental slaves, with the restrains of the Federal deficit, and shackled to geopolitical globalist policies.

The lavish political display of dishonesty and greed, preordained by both political parties has numbed our sense of political confidence, to judge right from wrong.

The red, white and blue, Light of right and wrong we seek; will give us liberty, individual freedoms, inalienable rights, free-markets, private ownership, political decency and more.... Which can only originate from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Our Founder's scriptures, which are dissimilar to the socialist manifesto currently utilize in Washington by both parties!

We have to reverse course, and to do that, we need to use common sense. Support the Tea Party candidates that annoy the party establishment. For those candidates, are most likely not to be, sell-outs. However, beware of party selected conservative candidates and those conservative opportunists supported by the Tea Party, but endorsed by prominent party politicians.

Those clues reveal if the candidate is a Refounder, bred from constitutional loins, and the character core we need, or just another conservative disappointment, which is willing to work with, a for profit political party, against you and me.

I believe in the refounding of the Republic; and will vote for the Republican-Libertarians: which are also the novel conservatives and the number one government admitted political defiance to socialism.

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