the moral v. immoral

Reader comment on: Capitalism Emerges As Issue in 2018 Battle For Congress

Submitted by Frances (United States), Jul 19, 2018 17:51

Capitalism is the moral economic system based on individual rights and protection under the rule of law. What we have now as "capitalism" is actually favoritism/cronyism practiced by politicians and government for the benefit of their pals, but to the detriment of everyone outside the favored group(s). Our non-capitalist economic policies are hard to defend against the socialist argument since the argument is basically the same for both systems, i.e., you just pick different groups as the benefit of government sanctioned theft. Real capitalism would improve everyone at nobody's expense since it is by definition an exchange both parties want and to which they agree. Right now, socialism and cronyism both have unwilling victims suffering under one-sided exchanges. Socialism and cronyism are both immoral and unethical systems foisted on unwilling participants by those who seek something for little or no effort.

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