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Submitted by rich (United States), Jun 7, 2010 13:25

And there in lies the problem with Congress. The majoritiy of members do not do things because they are the right things to do for the country, they do them because it is in the best interest of themselves or their party.

Let's say the right thing to do is lift the moratorium. Pres Obama won't do it without Republican support......why? One reason could be because he'll get killed by the left who are against off shore drilling and he needs an out. If the right thing to do is for the Republicans to give their support and come to Pres Obama's side, do they do that and increase his support or hold off so the economy and unemployment get worse so they can get more Republicans elected in November? Then the Republicans can point to the numbers and blame Pres Obama, when they had the opportunity to help solve the problem the whole time.

You can flip the scenario above if you'd like, but the issue is the same. More members of Congress are interested in themselves and their party instead of the country. That is the underlying problem that needs to be changed.

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