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Submitted by Richard (United States), Jun 24, 2010 16:08

As Americans we must put enormous pressure on our politicians to stop illegal immigration and stop giving automatic citizenship to "anchor babies." There are many forces working against us, and we have everything to lose. Just remember that giant multinational corporations only care about profit and winning. They couldn't care less about America. The "big shots" can live anywhere they want, but the rest of us have to live in a country that is becoming extremely overpopulated by illegal aliens. I only hope our "trusty" leaders get this crisis under control, but that will take much action from all of us. Contact NumbersUSA, FAIR, and other organizations, write and call your president, senators and congressmen, and do all you can to save America. And please, don't hire illegal aliens.

Our country is on a downward spiral and we have nowhere to turn. Some promote the idea of "providing a path to legalization for the 12 million illegals." Politicians have been saying "12 million" for years, meanwhile there are probably 20-25 million illegal aliens already in the US. Sure, go ahead, overpopulate our country with millions upon millions of desperately poor people from the Third World. Why not invite the poor from Africa, China, and the rest as well?

It might be ok to legalize 3-4 million of the decent, law-abiding illegals if they pay a fine of, say, $5000 each. But to open the door to ALL the illegal aliens living in the US is insanity. Get with it America! Let's get our immigration crisis under control before it's too late!

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