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Submitted by J.Johnson (United States), Jun 25, 2010 08:56

OK, I just read the review of Immigrant, Inc., as you suggested and I see virtually no connection or relevance between a foreigner with a PhD starting a company in the U.S. and a Mexican or Central American sneaking across our southern border with virtually no education or skills. In the rural area where I live, we have few, if any, foreign entrepreneurs, but we have a large and growing population of illegal immigrants who depend on taxpayers for their existence, especially now that the economy is in the tank. When the last blanket amnesty was enacted, in 1986, we were promised that it was a one-time thing and that the southern border would be closed, blocking most, if not all, future illegal entry. I, for one, will never trust anyone again who wants to do amnesty and border enforcement at the same time. The border must be sealed first and then the laws against hiring illegals must be strictly enforced. The result will be that many illegals will return home on their own and, over the course of a decade or so, the rest can be gradually arrested and sent home. With respect to LEGAL immigration, we ought to drastically increase the numbers of skilled immigrants who become citizens, as Canada has done for a long time.

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

I'm more skeptical of the skilled/unskilled dichotomy. When Sergei Brin came to America from the Soviet Union he was six years old. He wasn't skilled. But he started Google, which created tens of thousands of American jobs. When my grandfather came here from Russia to Ellis Island, he wasn't skilled or educated, either. He was a teenager. But his children and grandchildren got skills in American schools and universities. Rather than relying on some government border guard to decide who is skilled enough to let in, why not let more people of all stripes who want to come here in legally? We still have way fewer people in America than China has Chinese, and if you see them emerging as a potential competitor for global military or economic position, we've got to compete. If for every ten thousand or hundred thousand immigrants you let in you get one Sergei Brin, it's a good deal, no?

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