The Fifth Risk (Amended)

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Submitted by Frank Barron (United States), Oct 4, 2018 19:08

Let me put a finer point on yours: what the Times refers to as its "Business" section, I refer to as its "Anti-Business" section. Many of the articles have nothing to do with business. And those that do are consistently and unrelentingly hostile to the private sector—including the financial services industry, which is the most important economic engine of the city and state in which The Times Corporation and The New York Times are headquartered. How many different times, and in how many different ways, do we need to be told that banks are Satanic? I have finally come to the point where, as I return to the house through my garage, having picked up my paper at the end of the driveway, the Anti-Business section goes right into the recycling bin before I re-enter the house. I rely on other publications for business news.

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