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Submitted by Frank Barron (United States), Oct 9, 2018 22:48

We've been asked by the editors what we read instead of the Times. My Times subscription is still going, though soon to expire and unlikely to be renewed for the reasons I provided. I will continue to read news feeds that give me articles from the Boston Globe, Washington Post, NPR and (I assume even after expiration of my subscription) the Times. However, I probably rely most heavily on The Economist and the Wall Street Journal. Like the editors of the Times, the Journal editors also have a very low opinion of Trump and his style; but unlike the Times, the Journal does not exude the visceral hatred of the Resistance; the Journal's criticisms of Trump are dispassionate and reasoned. Nor do they deliver every news report or commentary through a narrative filter premised on an assumption that nothing the Trump administration can be right, and that any suggestion that Trump or his administration have done something right, or even that reasonable people could differ on that question, is high treason. While the Journal, as a publication, clearly does not like Trump, it is willing to give him credit when he does something right. The Times, having pledged fealty to The Resistance shortly after the 2016 election cannot do that as a matter of editorial policy.

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