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Submitted by dave in dallas (United States), Aug 6, 2010 10:23

One might want to chime in here, while we're talking about 'excesses', that (apart from English) the language most used in downloads of PORNOGRAPHY FROM THE WEB is ARABIC.

The thing that grates on me the most about high minded critics from the world of Islam is that their society is equally depraved, just in different ways-- and some of their depravity isn't even different! What did the 9/11 hijackers do on their last night? GO TO A STRIP JOINT!

Alcohol and drug abuse are at least partly not a choice, insofar as some people discover too late that they are addicted and cannot help themselves. Women wearing skimpy clothes? Well, when the Arabs stop downloading porn, I'll take their moral critique seriously. The hookers, heroin, strip joints and booze do NOT reflect well on their 'top defenders of the faith'.

I sometimes wonder if their complaints about our decadence originate from envy rather than 'disgust'.

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