Tell them nothing

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Submitted by Donald Campbell (United States), Dec 14, 2018 12:23

Without both an Attorney and a stenographer/recording when questioned by a Federal Official the only response can be:

In consideration of USC Title 18 section 1001, I invoke my 5th Amendment right to refuse to answer.

I suspect you could call a legions of Psychologists to testify that the human mind is quite incapable of remembering the exact words and details of any response, especially when under the threat of prison. Martha, Scooter Libby, and the actions of the Muller Witch Hunt are more than adequate to the justification.

Likewise, even under the conditions above, only a single session of questioning would be allowed. Any additional attempts at questioning by a Federal Official are clearly an attempt to self-indict.

Perhaps, if granting immunity from Title 18 is the only way to get someone to testify, then the scurrilous machinations of Federal partisans will stop.

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