About those tax cuts creating jobs...

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Submitted by Deborah Aldridge (United States), Sep 22, 2010 12:44

Where are all the jobs from the Bush tax cuts? I'll tell you where they are...INDIA and CHINA, and those tax savings are in the pockets of the business owners. They DID NOT use those tax cuts to create jobs. They instead shipped our jobs overseas so they would not have to pay us benefits, and gave the American workers' future away.

When I think about the whiny rich, I don't think about the person who wrote this article. I think about Bill Gates, so threatened to move Microsoft to Canada if the government did not give him more visas to bring over more Indian workers. I say let's help him pack!!! Altruism that is too little, too late aside, he and those who killed our manufacturing industry out of greed (and I'm including the damned UNIONS in this) should be imprisoned for treason against this country!

I don't begrudge people making $200,000 a year. I begrudge those making $2,000,000+ a year and using loopholes to pay less in taxes than the middle class workers they employ. I begrudge the ones who fly around in private planes to check out the products they are having made in China, while the people they used to employ are standing in soup lines. I begrudge those with million dollar homes that they are using for "strategic foreclosures" to actually make themselves richer while their workers are living with their entire families on the streets. I begrudge ALL of Wall Street anything.

I'm all for a flat tax. Let us all pay our fair share, then nobody can complain that they are being discriminated against. Let the rich pay the same percentage as we do, and everyone can get a fiar shake.

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