Can't feel that bad for you

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Submitted by Indifferent (United States), Oct 7, 2010 21:38

Mary L. please don't get mad. You admit that money is printed yet you fail to realize that creating money out of nothing is the root cause to our economic woes. I don't know your business or competition but a business man would say if you can't close hit the bricks. That's business right? Some would say maybe you can't compete anymore in a global economy. Whatever the reason taxes have never chapter 11'ed a company. Blame globalism, the Fed for printing money, your wonderful republicans and your hated democrats both have been spending more than taking in taxes. Do you understand that? You're arguing about having to pay an extra 5% in taxes but again fail to connect that your taxes as burdensome and costly are only a percentage of money that is spent by our Empire. They print the rest like you said. Maybe your business should've been a bank. You might have gotten a piece of the pie. You have a business (I'm guessing a successful one) passed to you by the people who struggled a lot more than you to start it and grow it. You just had to maintain and grow it. I do think earning 250g's a year is not that much money anymore. Like you said Mary printing all that money devalued it and that is why your expenses have increased and a dollar doesn't go a long way. But you just don't get that. Sorry but I don't feel bad for you.

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