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Submitted by Dave (United States), Nov 6, 2009 15:38

I recall the heyday of CAGW, which as I remember was founded by the father of an acquaintance of mine.. names escape me after all these years, but I believe the father's name was Peter..

Long before I could call myself a real conservative, even back when I voted for Mondale, I still read that first book "government waste from A to Z" and marveled that so much money was so deliberately wasted and thrown around.. now that I'm pushing 50, sadly it no longer surprises me.. but it still makes me every bit as angry as it did then.. those punks at Columbia weren't even AROUND when CAGW was formed..

yet another reason I believe nobody under 25 should be allowed to be married, go to college or have a publicly expressed opinion about anything. They're just too cocky and stupid. :-)))

and yes, my life would have been much easier if I had not been allowed to do those things before 25. :-)

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

I think the author of the CJR post isn't actually an under-25 student but a veteran journalist. See here:

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