The bloated 'Pledge'

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Submitted by Walt Ely (United States), Sep 24, 2010 14:09

The 'Pledge' looks more like a giant advertisement than specific time targeted plans and actions. It is another sign of the typical BLOATED manner in which the federal government goes about things. You are right - bullet points and specific actions would have sufficed. We don't need a bunch of pretty pictures on a PDF. We know what's screwed up, now we need Washington to GET IN SYNC with our desires and will. We also need Washington to get real with spending and budgets. We have been living in an oligarchy (not a republic) for many decades now. We have a phony 'representative government' of crooks and puppets who have been hand picked and supported by big money shadow interests and the results of their meddling in our way of life are showing in drastic ways now. This bunch MUST be thrown out at the least and PROSECUTED at best! If we don't start taking back our country big time in November we are destined to live soon in a hard tyranny!

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