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Submitted by MrJest (United States), Oct 29, 2010 01:39

"Vanguard is describing Mr. Utkus to customers who complain about the blog post by saying he is "highly respected in Washington and among industry professionals, academics and the media"

... they are saying, "this moron is highly respected by other morons, which a 10-year-old can run intellectual circles around".

Damning with faint praise, I call it - although, as the damned, they probably call it brilliant.

I still can't understand how anyone with the least amount of brains and education can be a Leftist... the Ideology is inherently unreal and unworkable, as has been demonstrated time and time again. It always leads to tyranny - which the US is already 60% or more involved in.

Now is the time to step AWAY from the idiocy, not "progress" towards it!!


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