Hostility toward creators?

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Submitted by Harry Binswanger (United States), Nov 13, 2020 08:35

I'm surprised and disappointed to see what appears to be leftist muck-raking at TheFutureofCapitalism.

"NPR quotes a Wharton professor describing the sale and the timing as "troubling" and "wholly inappropriate." NPR's report indicates the sale was triggered by a price threshold, not a fixed-date plan. That is a relief, because if there had been a fixed-date sale set and, as Stat has reported, Pfizer was "leaving samples in storage" rather than analyzing them immediately....well, one can't even imagine."

Pfizer under Bourla has just done more good for the whole human race than a thousand Mother Teresa, more good the 100 government programs (if they do any good), more good than . . . well you can fill in.

In the face of that, any monetary reward he can get is too small. He, and his team of scientists, should be feted with a ticker-tape parade down Broadway.

You wonder why Ayn Rand always railed against altruism? This is the reason. No "selfish" reward should stain his work, we feel. And "feel" is the operative word, because no rational justification has ever been offered for altruism.

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