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Submitted by Moose (United States), Nov 18, 2010 12:26

This rhetoric is only to get the poor man's vote- they have no new solution to eliminate disparity in wages,but giving the poor man a dime gets his vote. Here is the old solution used to elevate your position in life. First when you are young your parents pound it into your head to get an education and work hard and they also show by example, Now where the government can help is by providing free municipal colleges for those who have a certain grade average. Oh wait- they have had this already for nearly 100 years!!!!. In fact NYC has exceptional public high schools, Stuyvesant, Bronx High school of Science and Brooklyn Tech available to any regardless of wealth ,class or race. This solution has proven to have worked in this country. Does that guarantee success for everyone-Of course not but last i looked it followed the constitution , that every man had the right to the pursuit ( not guarantee)of happiness

Secondly, these liberal expositors of wealth disparagement are hypocrites. They live in posh neighborhoods and have never worked a day in a soup kitchen. They never give up their own money or time voluntarily but demand that the rest of us pay . In fact studies have shown that liberals give less in donations than conservatives.

So they have this schtick which is solely for power and get away with it because of our PC culture.

And who really loses- the poor.

Sad state of affairs in this country.

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