And what about inequaltiy

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Submitted by susan (United States), Nov 18, 2010 15:55

You have picked apart some points and, okay, rich people won't buy BMWs in Lexington if they don't get their tax cuts. You have have complained that three columnists -- out of how many hundreds in the country-- have written about an issue that many people are talking about but the press hardly ever touches.

Now I want to know what about growing inequality? It is documented. The proof is exists. Income inequality has grown under the policies of deregulation, privatization, stripping the social safety net and making taxes more regressive. Do you think that is good? Do you think it has had any impact on the deterioration of communities? Growing poverty among children? A country so polarized that each side hates the other? Is this the country you want?

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

See the links from the topics page on income inequality.

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