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Submitted by orange thunder (United States), Jan 6, 2011 07:58

does obama, and do all of these who comment on how hard his press secretary worked, think that most people who succeed and earn a lot in america do so without working hard and long hours? did the ceo's and evil wall street bankers not go to school, study hard, and get good enough grades? do they work 9-5? is success in america usually achieved by goofing off? i think not. i have no problem with obama's comments about gibbs' relatively (to what he can earn in a free mkt united states) income as press secretary. i do object to his, and many of the commentors here, inference that others don't work hard to succeed and that they are selfish for wanting to choose how to spend the earned rewards of the work rather than a government that has proven itself to be incapable of doing so wisely. i do object to the assumption that there is anything wrong with a country where if you do work hard and smart over a long period of time, you have the opportunity to earn those rewards. the leader of the greatest country in the world, where free enterprise has created more wealth and freedom and opportunity than anywhere else ought to be proud of those freedoms not serve to undercut them.

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