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Reader comment on: A Supply-Side Solution to the Campus Antisemitism Crisis

Submitted by LKB (United States), Nov 4, 2023 08:16

Some of these ideas are good, especially loosening the accreditation process to competition. Heck, UATX has raised a ton of money and has many high profile professors ready to go, but is stuck in the accreditation tar pit.

Some (e.g., professors who transfer take their endowed professorships with them?) bespeak a lack of knowledge of how universities actually operate, and thus are unworkable.

The most effective way to deal with this is to disqualify universities shown to promote or materially fail to deal with antisemitism from any federal funding (including federal student loan availability), and to disqualify any private university with an endowment of over $5 billion from any federal funding at all (except scientific or defense-related research funding). Allow private qui tam lawsuits to enforce this.

Cut off the federal funds, and watch how fast the universities decide to deal with the problem.

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