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Submitted by Lyle (United States), Jan 20, 2011 12:33

It's just like electrical in general standards are needed for safety. If you ever watch Holmes on Homes on HGTV you concluded that there are a lot of fly by nighters who don't follow code and Mike has to fix things. In electrical it's putting junctions behind drywall and lots of junctions that are the most often cited. Insurance companies like the electrical regulations in that if the house is inspected they can ensure that the wiring is done properly. Home improvement is a large refuge for rip off artists who do things in slip shod manners a lot of which the homeowner can not tell. (What is behind that drywall for example?). In Texas just recently for the first time homes built outside city regulation zones require inspections which I suspect the insurance industry had a hand in. Back in 1986 when the house I live in was built all you needed was a septic tank permit, no building permit.

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