The President As Child-Rearing-Expert-in-Chief

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Submitted by Belladonna Rogers (United States), Jun 20, 2011 17:38

Wouldn't you think that a President who can't get anything important right (oh, the economy, all those wars, any cogent explanation for what he is doing and why) might steer clear of micro-mananging individual Americans' individual child-rearing?

But, as your brilliant post brilliantly sets forth, he plunges into that topic---historically viewed as not really the business of the Commander-in-Chief---with his characteristic know-it-all brand of cluelessness.

He does seem to think that he can pick and choose what topics are fit for his own personal expertise, and, weirdly, he has opted for fatherly advice.

Thank you for highlighting yet another arena of incompetence of this annoying, grating doofus.

But look at it this way: every minute he's sending you emails about how to raise your child, at least he's not trying to tell the democratically-chosen Prime Minister of Israel how to do his job. Little solace, but it's something.

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