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Submitted by bobbymike (Canada), Jul 29, 2011 07:10

@Michael Powell - Do you get more colds than most people? Ya know with your thin skin and all. Look it is obvious you wrote your article with a leftist big government slant ignoring important historical information.

Don't be so defensive, the main stream media do this constantly and rely heavily on people's general ignorance of history. Be proud you are following in that glorious tradition of disinformation.

Anyone can throw billions of dollars at a problem and "improve" the situation, but this was taken by force of government either through the tax system or bond issuance (future tax liability) and no one asks whether it was a good idea to do this in the first place.

It's the old, "what is seen and what is unseen". We can all see the new construction and new housing but we cannot see what this money might have done if kept in the hands of the private sector or [if kept in the public sector] done to improve the lives of the poor in the rest of the city. Your article was a puerile view of a much more complex issue.

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