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Submitted by Josh Fulton (United States), Sep 11, 2011 21:06

Institute "compulsory licensing" for intellectual property. For more information on this, google "ending the monopoly of ideas josh fulton." The real description of it is toward the bottom of the paper.

Zoning laws are ridiculous. There are minimum parking requirements (nonsense), ordinances that prohibit mixed use development, ordinances that restrict the number of principal dwellings on a lot, so there can be no more "granny flats" for poorer people. HUD itself admits zoning drives up the cost of housing about 30%.

Eliminate farm subsidies. New Zealand did and there food is now cheaper and their farmers are more profitable.

Eliminate the laws that made mutual aid societies uncompetitive. For more info on this google "welfare before the welfare state mises."

Eliminate the 1975 law that states there are only 3 government approved ratings agencies, and that certain institutional investors can only invest in companies that receive a certain grade from those companies.

Eliminate the FDIC. From 1994 to 2004 they collected no premiums anyway.

Umm, put up another post and I'll probably get some more ideas.

Oh, eliminate the Import-Export bank, the FCC, etc. ...The FDA.

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